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Eskil Nielsen Law Firm

We can be contacted on tel.: +45 33 15 17 86 or e-mail: en@enlaw.dk.

All lawyers of the firm are licensed to practice law by the Danish Ministry of Justice and are registered members of the Danish Bar and Law Society.

All lawyers of the firm are subject to the Danish Bar and Law Society's supervision and disciplinary systems and the Code of Conduct for the Danish Bar and Law Society, according to the Danish Court Administrations Act section 126. For more details on legislation applicable for lawyers, please visithttps://www.advokatsamfundet.dk/Service/English.aspx .

In the event of a dispute in relation fees charged and / or disgruntlement with the conduct of or legal services provided by the law firm, a formal complaint can be filed by the client to the Danish Disciplinary Board (Advokatnævnet), Kronprinsessegade 28, DK 1306 Copenhagen K, Denmark.   https://www.advokatsamfundet.dk/Service/English/Organization/The%20Disciplinary%20Board.aspx .



The Law Firm is covered by professional liability insurance and provides a guarantee in accordance with the rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society. Our liability insurance covers any legal practice, regardless of where the practice is being conducted.
The Law Firm's liability insurance and guarantee have been taken out with Codan Forsikring A/S, Gammel Kongevej 60, DK-1790 København V, Denmark. The Law Firm is insured under the policy number 900 616 1887.


Client funds

All client funds entrusted to Eskil Nielsen Law Firm are administrered in accordance with the Danish Bar and Law Society's (Advokatsamfundet) provisions on client accounts. Client funds are deposited in Danske Bank.

Eskil Nielsen Law Firm is not liable for client funds deposited at our bank in the event that Danske Bank becomes distressed. In the event of Danske Bank's bankruptcy, depositors will have their deposits covered in accordance with the Guarantee Mechanism for Depositors and Investors Act. The guaranteed depositions are subject to a general limitation of EUR 100,000, covering all accounts (including personal account) held by the client in Danske Bank.

Deposits made in relation to purchases of real estate are subject to special rules, if the real estate in question predominantly have been used or is determined to be used for non-commercial purposes. For such transactions deposits up to EUR 10.000.000 are covered until 12 months after the deposition was made, regardless of whether the deposit is on a separate account or not. For more details on the guarantee mechanisms please visit https://www.fs.dk/finansiel-stabilitet-at-a-glance .


Applicable law and competent court

The law firm uses a clause on applicable law and competent courts. In the Terms of Business of the law firm, it is prescribed that any disputes in relation to the legal counselling provided by the law firm are subject to Danish law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Danish courts.


Provisions on money laundering

As a law firm, Eskil Nielsen Law Firm is subject to the Danish Act on precautionary measures for the prevention of money laundering and funding of terrorism.

In case your matter is subject to this act, we are under an obligation to inform you and obtain identity information and documentation.

Under the provisions on money laundering, we are, in case of a suspicious transaction under the obligation, to notify the Danish Bar and Law Society and the State Prosecutor for Special Financial and International Criminal Activities financial means or an activity has or have had connection with money laundering or financing of terrorism. We are not allowed to inform you whether such notification have been given to the State Prosecutor for Special Financial and International Criminal Activities.


Copenhagen, August 11th 2023